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Ballistic imaging optical train
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Operando battery diagnostics
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Gasifier optical diagnostics

The MODES Lab resides on the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden, Colorado. Research projects are led by Dr. Jason Porter, Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Research projects directly support, and are conducted by, graduate and undergraduate student researchers. MODES Lab research can be broadly grouped into three efforts:

    1. developing diagnostics for in-situ detection, investigation, and control of complex energy-conversion technologies.
    2. studying fundamental transport and chemical kinetics for improved efficiency and reduced pollution in energy conversion.
    3. modeling radiative transfer in energy systems and diagnostics, with a particular focus on participating media (absorbing, scattering, or emitting materials)

Specific technologies studied include: lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries (operando electrolyte diagnostics), PEM fuel cell manufacturing, diesel spray combustion (short-pulse laser imaging), thermal conversion of carbon to heat, energy, or materials (using coal, biomass, and waste feedstocks), hydrocarbon reforming and hydrogen compression, and solar photovoltaic manufacturing.